"I will come for you set the building on fire... whatever it takes to get what you need ignore the alarms ignore the police, i'll never stop breaking the law for you."


Apparently she wrote this about her sister.. pretty cool.

Up To The Mountain (MLK Song) by Patty Griffin

Patty Griffin has written most of my favorite songs - there's something so human and real about the way she writes. No pretension, just her soul.



I don't know why I like sad songs so much but I do... if there's one thing i do - it's sad... as sad as that sounds.. I don't know what it is.. i just relate to that ache in someone's voice... I can just feel it- like Sam Smith's new album and his cover of "How Will I Know" (originally by Whitney Houston). You just feel like he's right there telling you. 

Life is kind of all these moments of letting go.. it's like you have this moment, this person, this chapter of life.. and you have to say bye again.. and again.

this one song sings me to sleep sometimes.. for years now and it perfectly captures that emotion in life -eternal love, despite the limited time we have together. 

the poignant, shortened, no way around it, limited time we all have here, together. it's a cycle... and this song captures that.