new york city

New York Fashion Week & CMA Songwriter's Series

It was my two favorite things that came together in New York City last night! New York Fashion week AND the CMA Songwriter's Series... It was as if the stars had aligned! 

My sister sent me a text monday night and she was like, do you want to go to work at this event for Fashion week --- me: yes, obvi.  ;) They ended up not needing me but I got to go to the party anyhow! It was really great & all her friends there were SO nice, and oddly enough we talked about Spotify quite a bit lol. 

oldie but goodie!

Host of E! News TWEETs about song "GO" & How it ended up in her TV SHOW!

I went to one of Giuliana's appearances in New York City, right after I graduated college. I had NO IDEA she was going to be there. I actually went to the event (at Bloomingdales) to meet a manager (music manager who was working with Esmee Denters). One of his artists was performing on the top floor of the department store & I got there too early so I went browsing & saw Giuliana who was giving a talk.

I went to the University of Maryland for one year (my brother & sis both graduated from there) and I knew Giuliana was an alum! So I had to say hi, and because I love her. She was so kind & asked me what I did. So I told her & she asked if I had a CD! So I gave it to her- her reality show was just about to come out "Giuliana & Bill" and they placed 3 songs in the show. I literally was not expecting any of that. Literally one of the nicest people I've met and I always wanted to tell her thank you so so much. THANK YOU GIULIANA!