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This is one of my favorite songs on the EP. It's a combination of all the genres I love and hope to incorporate in my music - pop, country, r&b (and even a little rock).

I wrote this in Nashville with my friend Jesse Lee and the day we finished the work tape I knew I loved it, but didn't have any idea what the production would end up being. A lot of my songs leading up to this new record have been pretty acoustic and I've really wanted to transition to bigger production- mixing electronic sounds with more organic instrumentation.

Some of the first songs I ever wrote were to beats my producer gave me or ones we'd make together. He rapped and I sang the hooks and just wrote to piano loops we'd come up with. Once I learned how to play guitar, I was able to start telling stories on my own... "My Ex" is both - which I couldn't happier about. The country elements of this production are just as much apart of me as the pop/r&b ones.

It's a song about meeting someone and maybe because of past experience, you instinctively feel a gut reaction about them... it's like déjà vu. Words can have a hypnotizing affect, but this song is about being a little wiser. Thanks for listening. 

Track 7

A few things... 

I keep going through my EP song list and writing out the names of songs over and over again in a different order just because I want it to feel right... when you're listening and you go from one track to another. 

I was thinking about it and I realized certain track numbers are always positioned in a very special way. Like Track 7. Track 7 is a very important track on any album. many of my fav tracks were track 7... track 3 (usually the album jam) and track 11 - (the sleeper hit - you wouldn't openly tell your friends that you love it, but this is the song you fell in love with after you over-listened to the more obvious hits. you realized this was truly a hit, you just didn't recognize it at the time because it's probably a ballad.)

So anyway, I'm going through all the songs and making sure the way you receive them is thought out and realizing I'd like to release a whole album... if I can find a way to do that. I have 7 songs so not quite an EP but not quite an album... but there are about 5 others I'd love to record.

Also, if you haven't listened, Maren Morris' album is SO good. my favorites are "Sugar," "Second Wind" and "Once." "Once" is so well done it gives me goosebumps. 

the end. i wonder what song will be track 7.