Track 7

A few things... 

I keep going through my EP song list and writing out the names of songs over and over again in a different order just because I want it to feel right... when you're listening and you go from one track to another. 

I was thinking about it and I realized certain track numbers are always positioned in a very special way. Like Track 7. Track 7 is a very important track on any album. many of my fav tracks were track 7... track 3 (usually the album jam) and track 11 - (the sleeper hit - you wouldn't openly tell your friends that you love it, but this is the song you fell in love with after you over-listened to the more obvious hits. you realized this was truly a hit, you just didn't recognize it at the time because it's probably a ballad.)

So anyway, I'm going through all the songs and making sure the way you receive them is thought out and realizing I'd like to release a whole album... if I can find a way to do that. I have 7 songs so not quite an EP but not quite an album... but there are about 5 others I'd love to record.

Also, if you haven't listened, Maren Morris' album is SO good. my favorites are "Sugar," "Second Wind" and "Once." "Once" is so well done it gives me goosebumps. 

the end. i wonder what song will be track 7.




This is a word I started using sort of as a joke but now when I say it, people seem to get it. I've been trying so hard to "do things right" and I never seem to be able to fit in the perfect mold of an artist in music industry terms. When I was in New York and LA, every meeting I went to people said things like, "well, you'll have to dye your hair pink", "you look like a country artist," or "you are a country artist." Or, "if you want to be yourself you'll have to wait ten years." (Literally, someone said that. I don't even know what that means). So, trying to be open to the feedback I was getting from the universe, I moved to Nashville, and now, in Nashville sometimes I'm not country enough. 

So the only thing I can really be okay with I've realized, is being myself. I no longer (and never really did) try to be a certain kind of artist. I will only be myself. Because it's so exhausting trying to be what other people want you to be. or try to say the right thing ... or be the "right" thing.

I've never really believed in genres either. My favorite artists always pulled from so many influences, and their records were so eclectic- and what they were singing and saying transcended a label or a lane. It was just good music. So that's what I believe in.  

And why not be open to creativity, and where it might be able to go, rather than defining it and telling it is has to be one thing. Sometimes I like to write songs that are a little bit Country, some days I like to write Pop/Rock and other days I want to hear a song with just a guitar and a vocal. And what if you did something that brought many people together, rather than just a select group?

The way I listen to music, is the way I make it - I listen to pop, country, rock, hip hop, etc... so the way I receive it, is the way I create it. That's what I love about the new music we've been working on - It's so many different things but it feels right, it feels like me. It may not be "right" to someone else, but it's right to me.

It can be frustrating feeling like you can't just be yourself, or maybe you don't "fit" anywhere, but I'm starting to think that's okay. Maybe you just carve your own lane. 

- Emma 



sometimes i drive around in my car, going nowhere just to listen to the same song over and over again to figure out why I like it so much. I drive around in circles in nashville all the time just playing one song over and over.. sometimes I drive past my house just to keep listening bc I don't want the song to end. I always wanted to figure out why certain songs were so  good..every time I write one song I think might be good I'm already worried about the next one. sometimes it does feel like magic, because it starts so strangely with just sound and a feeling... you're not even sure what you want to say and something just comes over you.. and you're trying to figure out what it is... real experiences always help trigger ideas for me... (which is probably obvious, but sometimes you can get in your head and try to "think" of an idea.. but I find living it is the best way to "brainstorm." there's no work involved ;)  the more real something is, the easier I can write about it.