We're making a record. Tomorrow.

We're doing pre - pro tomorrow then the band comes in on Friday and Sat.

I prefer to be busy so I don't have to think about it or else I get nervous.  But today, it's icy and snowing and I have off work, and time to think and prep. I've written out the  list of songs about a hundred times on different word docs, in my journals, emails... and it's funny, it's grown. I have too many I want to do. I started with just wanting to have an EP of 5 songs. And now, I feel like maybe I should just have an album because I don't want to leave any of the songs out that I love. 

Songwriting has always taught me how to trust and kind of center again and believe in things again. You don't know where you're going with a song and you have to have faith you'll figure it out. Every song is like taking a chance... and I think recording is the same thing. Taking a leap of faith.

Eeek so many feels. 

xx oo,