Anxiety by Emma White

I always tell people I'm afraid of everything... if I had a life mantra it would be - if you're scared of something, do it anyway. Sometimes I do things because I'm afraid of them just to prove myself wrong. 

 I wrote this new song called "Anxiety." I think it's an interesting thing to write about because it seems like such a topic of conversation today. I feel like every time I open up my computer or look at facebook on my phone, there's a new terrifying story on my feed... things happen and we have no idea why... and we have to exist in the world without having a complete understanding of why things happen... things going right or wrong... we try to anticipate things, but can't ever predict or fully control what will happen in a moment. Everyone tells you to let go and sometimes that can be the hardest thing to do. 

Some people don't totally understand anxiety, but it's been something I've dealt with for a really long time...and I can be pretty good at acting like nothing's wrong. However, it's not the case all the time.  And it's scary even just to be this honest about it on my own blog, but ... whatevs. ;) so, here's the song...