studio this morning

Being in the studio was so therapeutic this morning. Something about focusing on just the sounds and the groove and working together as a team is so nice. 

We had my buddies Mitch and Brad in today on drums and bass, with Brad Hill engineering.... it was so fun. The songs came together quick too.... it was so cool because we did it piece by piece, rather than having everyone in at one time. 

Before I get to work I have all this nervous energy and then once we're going... it's like it all goes away for those hours. I literally lose track of time. I've been wanting for things to move faster and have trouble going with the flow... but today it was such a good feeling to be in the studio working the songs out. hearing them come to life and feeling a little weight lifting off knowing that they were being worked on... 

and working together is the best part... it's like this collaborative effort and is the best feeling in the whole world.