Coffee, Dinner

My two other passions. I love music, obviously. But, I also LOVE coffee and going to dinner. Whenever anyone asks, what are your hobbies besides music... I say these two things.. and going to the movies but we'll save that for another post. 

My friend is writing a paper for her class and asked to interview me for it. She wanted someone who had spent time in all three music cities - Nashville, New York, LA. My favorite question was "what is your favorite coffee shop & burger joint in all 3 cities?"  

I moved to New York City because I wanted to live in the same neighborhood as some of my favorite artists (i know, i'm totally nuts). I wanted to feel it and know exactly what it was like. So... after a brief stint in Brooklyn, I moved to the East Village. Technically Alphabet City - 8th St. btwn Ave. B & C. I fell in love with a cash only coffee shop called Ninth Street Espresso. And, because I was waitressing, I had lots of cash. :) It was a magical place and the perfect spot to do work, hide and really feel like you were in NYC. 

Anyway, not to make this a long post, but because of my friends project and my passion for food & drink, these are my favorite burger & coffee spots in all three music cities :)


Nashville - Portland Brew (12 South) 

New York - Ninth Street Espresso (east village)

Los Angeles - Kings Road Coffee (west hollywood) 


Nashville - Tavern Midtown (midtown) 

New York (there are a few)  - Harry's (near stone st., english muffin burger omg), Parlor Steakhouse (upper east side) & Royale (Avenue C)

Los Angeles - Laurel Tavern (studio city)