QI've never been a fan of genre or labeling things. call me a commitment phobe, but at least when it comes to making music, why not see what you can do? 

the most freeing thing recently has been removing my filter when writing - getting into a character - having real emotions but making them more dramatic and playing them up.

We've started recording some of these new songs - songs I'm only used to hearing guitar/vocal demos of - and now there are all these sounds and choices to make! I hate choosing. bc that holds me responsible for the outcome and what if it's not right? 

but what has been freeing is thinking of it as a performance - thinking OF the performance. If I was at a show what would it sound like in there? what sounds might get people to dance and feel good and have fun?

SO, I'm trying to think of it that way during this process of "WHERE DOES THE MUSIC FIT/WHAT DO WE DO WITH HER" terror.

Good songs, I don't care what genre, are good songs. and I want to present them in a way that's going to bring them to life. And why be one thing? music is about influences, it's about fusion. and because of that, doing something new.

okay, the end. so basically that was my anxiety typed on page.