Chicago trips

Chicago has got to be one of my favorite cities. When I was little, my dad used to take the whole family every other year on his work trips there. We got to stay in a fancy hotel (with a mall in it!! the highlight as a little girl.. I even got to bring my best friend one time which was so exciting at the time :)

I'll never forget this 5 piece soul band that was playing live on the street. They had CDs for sale and a tip jar. We bought the cd and it was wonderful. They were incredible... I think I was about twelve. Maybe they covered Tower of Power's "What Is Hip" which made me fall in love with them. I'm trying to remember their name though and I can't seem to think of it (will find out by next post). 

But that's music to me... i feel so old fashioned sometimes -- but i just love *that. Sharing music person to person... Just making a cd and selling it on the street.. playing right there to passersby.