Dedicated to the strong women I know & love, and who raised me. 


I read an article a friend shared the other day ( and it kind of took me by surprise. I appreciate the concern for women, but I don't think the article presents a completely accurate depiction of women and men.

Here's a quote from the article- "And because bright girls are particularly likely to see their abilities as innate and unchangeable, they grow up to be women who are far too hard on themselves--women who will prematurely conclude that they don't have what it takes to succeed in a particular arena, and give up way too soon."  AND I DON'T WANT THAT TO BE US. That WILL NOT be me or you.

I don't know if the idea was innately in me, but I never thought things were naturally given. I've never understood the word talent. Literally - I don't understand it because it makes it seem like people are magically gifted, and just show up the way we see them when they are a success. I mean, I get it, but everything I've seen people become good at they worked at for years. And the pursuit, I don't think it ever ends- you can always become better, stronger, more knowledgeable. 

For me, I leaned more naturally to music and rhythm for sure. So I guess that's talent. But then you have to ***develop*** the talent which takes A TON of work & repetition, persistence, trial & error. (And worry and fear, and vulnerability and sleepless nights and freaking out).

In dance as a kid, people would say, wow you really nailed that routine, but it was only because I was completely obsessed with practicing it and wouldn't let up until I got it right. The harder it was, the more eager I was to get it right.. And anyone who played sports or who has trained at a skill knows this very frustrating but very satisfying feeling. 

I remember fifth grade girls at my school in a totally different way. I remember the girls being the ones who spoke up and participated in discussions. And who threw themselves into things they loved and that interested them.

I remember my best friend and I as the two girls left on the boy-dominated baseball team. It was our mission to be as good as the boys & I remember seeing all of us on an equal playing field. And the boys we respected, respected us. 

And I just know SO MANY TOUGH WOMEN ...

Maybe it's frustrating to read (the article) because I know there are things I struggle with and want to overcome, and it speaks to the fear I have. And I've been vulnerable and failed at things but I know those things can be changed and overcome. Some days I think everyone is vulnerable to doubt, but you just ignore it.  You get up and you try again. And I've only seen strong women & men doing this growing up --- reaching beyond what they thought was possible, pushing their limits and going after what they believe in.

I'm actually terrified of the idea that we wouldn't be able to change as individuals. As the idea of change & possibility is the only way to true freedom (in my opinion). 


Do everything you're afraid of, everything that thrills you. 

Whenever there's something in you that says you can't do it-- Go ATTACK THAT THING ---->