I know I think a lot and write and talk a lot... but... I think about all the things we've had to learn how to do - all the skills we've learned, not through talent, but through focus and practice - like driving - and everyone is expected to learn how to drive- and balancing your checkbook, and finding a way to do X - whatever it may be... What if your goal or your work was required - you *had* to learn how to do it - and it was "normal." imagine all the things we'd do if we thought we could. 

I have a love affair with Def Jam artists. I don't know what it is - I love how eclectic and fun they all seem and like just down to have a good time. With music and fashion - it's this beautiful, bright undeniable combination. It's like you never know what they're gonna put on next ya know? I love that suspense - it's like, we're gonna tell you what we think is next and really good and you're never gonna see it coming. I love that. I think it's also this underlying celebration of diversity that I love. Thanks for that Def Jam.

Performing in Baltimore means so much to me and so does bringing people together. I think that should be celebrated more... I love seeing people who think they have nothing in common find common ground - that makes me so happy. 

The Greene Turtle - April 19th! Next Saturday!

Hi Guys, have you been to The Greene Turtle in Towson? They built an awesome roof deck over looking the city and it's so fun (sometimes I just go and sit there alone bc it's so nice (and the bartenders are cute) and I'm playing a show there on Saturday night.

Some of my best friends work there and I always go back when I'm in town and sometimes they'll put my songs on! hehe i love it.

The Greene Turtle Anniversary Party - April 19th - 8-11PM



THEN the following week (my uncles) - Mike White & Dave Mattheiss are playing a show there too!