Nashville Shows

9/23 - Soulshine is a restaurant/bar in midtown. I'll be doing a round with two other Nashville based singer/songwriters, Nick Foxer & Andy Albert

9/24 - Billy Block Folk Night @ Two Old Hippies 

10/16 - The Tippler is also a round w/my friends Pete Sallis & Nick Foxer

10/21  - New Faces Nite at The Basement on - other writers TBD! 

hope to see you! 

xo, emma 

August Playlist

My friend from college got me into Emeli Sande recently (he's prob thinking I'm a bit strange bc lately i've been listening to her a lot, tweeting about it and now made this playlist...) but anywho I really like her. There's something very timeless & classic about her - she has an old soul. I keep waiting to hear what she's gonna say next .. like she could teach you something. Beyonce, Patty Griffin & Sam Smith too - 

1. River - "...if you're too big to follow rivers, how you ever gonna find the sea."

2. Suitcase 

3. My Kind of Love 

4. Lay Me Down - Sam Smith - sonically I love this - the tinny high hat, the keys, everything shapes the main instrument - his voice - and compliments it, doesn't overshadow. 

5. Up To The Mountain - Patty Griffin

6. Breaking the Law - "ignore the alarms, ignore the police, I'll never stop breaking the law for you."

7. 1+1  - Beyonce 

What Matters To Me

Written by Emma White & Robert Ellis Orrall

Why do I get so caught up all the time
things just get stuck in my mind and I can't let em go 
Why do we have to be so in control of our lives 
when the truth is the harder we try the more we don't know 

Fancy cars and diamond rings, hipster bars don't mean a thing 
We're showing up just to be seen
and on the inside my heart is breaking 
thought you were a chance worth taking
but what I want might not be what I need 
guess I'm finding out what matters to me 

Standing on the bridge where the water falls
pocket full of pennies yea i tossed them all
deep into the river where wishes go 
tell you what they were but I think you know
now it's time to jump this one way track
find out what it's like to be loved back

cause I don't fit into your world 
of smoke filled nights and pretty girls
I watch you like I'm watching tv, wishing it was me 
and inside my heart is breaking 
thought you were a chance worth taking
what I want might not be what I need
guess I'm finding out what matters to me

(extra verse I threw in.....:)

© Emma White Songs BMI